#oneaday, Day 4, Instant food

Today I am writing about food. Being a youth worker means that meals can be awkward things – we work funny hours, sometimes not going into work until mid afternoon and not returning until late. As such, and because you worked late the night before, you don’t really eat breakfast and then lunch is toast. So by the time you reach early evening after meetings but before your evening session, you need some instant food.

Now I have munched my way through most of the instant noodle pot snacks that are around,  and unless they come from a Chinese supermarket they are pretty rubbish. And buying chips everyday is bad for a) my waistline and b) my bank balance, particularly as my lovely wife tends to be swerving me a full meal when I get home from work, having dutifully waited to eat.

So today I took a leaf from my dads book and had an Uncle Ben’s risotto. Insulting to the real thing, but hot, tasty, and sometimes available on special offer in supermarkets. Yum.

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