#oneaday, Day 7, Rain rain rain

Today I had an early start to save my wife from drowning in the rain on the way to get her train. It was very wet out there. It now seems to have dried up though.

I discovered the downside of blogging from my Blackberry is that it doesn’t give me the share options which is a bit rubbish, so you will just have to check back sometimes – though I will continue to promote on Facebook and Twitter when blog from my laptop.

So Goldeneye 007 on the Wii – received as a late wedding present. Takes me back to the days of the N64 and being at uni. However, the Wii mote and numchuck make this game very challenging. I have fiddled with settings and such but to no avail. Speaking to my gaming buddy Mark Grist who had previosuly told me he didn’t think much of the game. Now however, he is a big fan, thanks to the purchase of a Wii controller. It seems a shame to have to purchase additional hardware for one game, but I reckon it could be worth it….

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