#oneaday, Day 11, Discovering the other point of view

Yesterday, via Facebook, I spread word of this petition objecting to the fencing on of my old primary school field. this would mean the community would no longer be able to access the field at weekends, evenings and in school holidays. There is an existing fence just outside the playground, and the plan is to move this to the edge of the field.

Reasons given for this change include the risk of dog attack, to reduce dog fouling on the play area and to make it easier to supervise the children at break and lunch time.

As well as sharing this on my profile, I message it to people who live in the area, hoping they would support it. For me, it seemed like a crazy idea to remove this facility from the community, and judging myself to be a reasonable person, believed that others would share my point of view.

I was wrong.

A number of people have taken the stance that dog fouling is enough of a problem/ health risk that the fence should go up. Another suggested that the safety of the children warranted the erecting of such a fence. Another that his own’s children enjoyment of sport at the school was hampered by the current position of the fence.

I guess it just goes to show that opinions differ, and we have to accept it. Even if we disagree.

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