#oneaday, Day 17, We won!

So last night good old Blighty chalked up a Best Actor Golden Globe via the medium of Colin Firth and The Kings Speech.

Now I haven’t seen the film yet – that is on the list for the weekend – but by all accounts it is wonderful, brilliant performance by Firth etc etc. And how was this film possible? The unique way that British Film is funded – via the British Film Council.

Now you may have heard of the British Film Council – it is one of the quangos on Mr Cameron’s bonfire. Announced in July was the decision to axe funding to the body, which has supported films such as The Last King of Scotland & This Is England.

Now I don’t know all the details of how it works, but I reckon movies must be expensive to make, and supporting the production in this country can only be a good thing? Keeping people in work and all that, and producing some top quality entertainment along the way.

So congratulations to Mr Firth and all concerned. Could be the last one for a while….

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