#oneaday, Day 27, You asked…

So since registering with Formspring I have been asked two questions:

1. Fave food?

Which is Thai. I love the clean flavours and the balance in a meal. And it’s quick to prepare too.

The second question I asked was in response to one of the starter for five questions I got when registering.

What 3 things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years?

Cheques, sellotape and fish

And so someone asked me

why do you think sellotape will be obsolete?’

And that is a reasonable question. I just think that science will come up with something better. We already have sticky strips and those little roller things that my wife loves. Sellotape is just messy – without a dispenser you can never find the end, and the dispenser is just an add on.

So come on science, prove me right and put an end to sellotape…


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