#oneaday Day 53, Beer

I like beer. And I mean real ale when I say that. I am a member of CAMRA and everything.

Last night in my local I got chatting to a fellow beer lover. We slagged off people who drink Fosters. And we actually had a full conversation about the beer on offer in that pub and others. And I really enjoyed that conversation!

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, here are my beer reviews of my holiday beers so far.

Pub 1 – Charters, Peterborough

Harvest Pale – the Champion Beer of Britain for 2010. I have had it better elsewhere, so scored it 7/10

Oakham Inferno – one of my favourites. 8/10

Pub 2 – East Restaurant

Oakham JHB (bottle) – better draught, but still a strong 8/10

Pub 3 – Fox & Hounds

Clark’s Classic Blonde – 6/10

Courage Best – 7/10


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