#oneaday, Day 54, Shaving

I hate shaving. Which is bad, because I am a bit of a hairy faced beast.

It is also bad, because my wife hates my stubble – which she says is coarse and hurts her face if we so much as cuddle. This has progressed to the point where, if she is criss with me she will say ‘Not till you’ve shaved!’ and if I am cross with her, my razor will remain firmly tucked away.

Why do I hate shaving so much – because frankly it hurts. It hurts my poor little man face. It pulls at my skin, I get little nicks and it takes too much time. My compromise was to do it every other day, but even this was deemed, by the 47th hour, to not be enough.

I was, for these reasons, interested by the claims that the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide cut down on face pulling, over the Gillette Fusion (my current razor). I bit the bullet, made an investment and went home to shave…

Wow. I mean, proper wow. I remember when the Gillette Fusion came out me and some friends joked that razors could surely could get no more advanced – 5 blades would be enough for anyone right? So the advance of making the blades thinner to reduce drag – genius.

My wife is also pleased, so hopefully she won’t mind that the replacement cartridges are about £20…

If you’d like to do the test, look out for a special offer or go to Amazon.co.uk who have the best price I’ve seen.

Ooooooooooooooooo, Gillette! The best a man can get…..

NB The tough beard shave gel is also very good – particularly on my wife’s legs I’m told….

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