#oneaday, Day 55, Catching up

So yesterday I had lunch with some former colleagues from the job I left in July. I had seen them once since then at my pre-stag drinks evening, and had phone and e-mail contact with some of them in between times, but it was really nice to get out and see them, enjoy their company.

Conversation was about my wedding and my new job, but also about the projects I left behind and what has changed. This was an interesting conversation, particularly chatting about how young people I knew have developed and grown. Also that life continues without you, and the team adapt to the resources they have left. No-one has replaced me, so the team is a person down and expected to deliver the same work it seems. There have of course been compromises along the way, but everyone seemed to be happy and optimistic.

Popped into the latest incarnation of the office too – more people, but some missing from moving on or taking VR in the latest wave.

I guess what it showed me more than anything was that life goes on when we leave – but it’s good to go back sometimes and reminisce.


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