#oneaday, Day 57, Death of a salesman

My little shop

Today as I walked through Peterborough city centre I came across this vacant unit. This used to be Millets, and the closure was reported in the local paper, The Evening Telegraph. This was not the only vacant unit in the city centre by any means, but it was the only one I used to work in.

I had a Saturday job here when I was 16, and worked for the company in a couple of branches until I was 19. They gave me training – I became a Gore Tex consultant and it was a nice little shop to work in. Apparently it has closed down due to financial difficulties with the parent company, The Outdoor Group,  who also own Blacks just up the road. I’d even been in quite recently to get my wife some waterproof trousers for when I can’t be bothered to take her to the train station.

So I shall miss the familiar sight on Bridge Street, although I lost contact with my former colleagues some time ago. I hope that wherever they are they are still folding fleeces in the right way, and doing those add on sales we loved so much….

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