#oneaday, Day 61, Preparing to March

Well I have arranged my travel for Saturday to journey to London for the TUC March for the Alternative. I have thought about what I will need to take in case of kettling (unlikely if you stick with the main event I think) and other supplies.

This will be the biggest march I have attended so far in my career as an activist. Arguably it is the most important. What is the alternative? In short:

  • a crackdown on tax avoidance
  • a Robin Hood tax on banks and finance
  • policies and time to let economic growth and full employment raise the tax that will close the deficit

I am not a deficit denier – I just don’t think that the Tory-led coalition are tackling it in the right way – it is too much, too soon. The retail price index is at 5.5%. Youth employment is massively high. People I know are living in fear that there job will be cut by councils forced to make hard choices by the government, destroying services for communities. This all set against a back drop of £1m missiles being launched and a Royal wedding being planned.

So my message on Saturday to the government will be to stop, collaborate and listen to, and work with, the people of this country – no one voted for the level of cuts and change we are seeing. We need to apply the brakes before we break Britain.


1 thought on “#oneaday, Day 61, Preparing to March

  1. I 100% agree,hat of to you for actually getting up and doing something positive about it,there,s too many people who do alot of moaning about things but dont DO anything to help support groups who are trying to bring about changes for the good.I hope saturday has a huge turnout & is a positive day for all :0)

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