#oneaday, Day 67, Film review – Limitless

So yesterday I made use of my Cineworld Unlimited card. It really is a good thing if you enjoy going to the cinema – but like gym memberships, you have to use it to get the best value out of it.

Anyway, the movie. Limitless tells us the story of a guy who manages to get hold of a new drug which boost the amount of his brain he uses. He is a struggling writer, and within two days he finishes his book. Things start to go awry when the guy he got it from (his ex brother in law) is murdered – and the killer was obviously seeking the stash. The film then follows him as he reaps success whilst trying to secure a steady supply.

It’s an enjoyable movie with nice cinematography when the drug kicks in. A few twists and turns and well acted. That being said, it was not amazing – I wouldn’t rush to see it again or get it on DVD. For me, it did what it needed to do on a Friday evening. 6/10.

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