#oneaday, Day 68, Bank Holiday

So we’ve had a bank holiday or two in the last few weeks. I was lucky enough to be able to take 3 days of annual leave to get eleven days off. These were mostly spent relaxing, although there was a list of things to do- most of which didn’t get done. I did get my eyes tested (new glasses needed) watch a load of movies and see my parents which was all good.

And today is my wife’s birthday. She is currently in the garden doing something to some plants. Tonight we are off to see Evita which is her birthday present. I seem to Have Done Well.

And then tomorrow back to work – which will be very odd, seeing as how I’ve not been there for nearly a fortnight. I wonder if anything dramatic has happened? Could be a good blog post if it has…

Anyway, apparently there have been discussions baout the timing of bank holidays. Apparently the government want to get rid of the early May holiday – which is associated with international workers day – and move it to St Georges’ Day. This year that would of made no difference. It also seems we have the fewest Bank holidays in Europe which seems a bit sucky as we also work some of the longest hours. So lets have a full independent enquiry into Bank Holidays, and get some more – 4 day weeks rock….

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