#oneaday, Day 69, The results are in…

So we had a referendum and some people had elections too. I voted yes, so am a right loser – although it was interesting to see the tweet:

‘33% vote yes – a crushing defeat. 35 vote for Tories – a 5 year mandate’

However, the time is passed now…

What interested me was the gains made by Labour. Although the Conservatives gained lots of councillors, Labour gained control of several councils. So what happens now? well, there has already been lots of posturing, Labour & Tory’s claiming victory. What I would like to see is these new (and existing) Labour controlled councils setting illegal budgets. That is budgets whereby services are delivered and there is not enough money to pay for them. Services that people need. Children’s Centres. Youth Services. Social care. That is opposition, but it would be a gutsy move. It would be a gutsy move, saying we reject these cuts and want to deliver quality services to the people we are elected to serve.

Will they do it? Who knows. But ti would set out the stall for the next lot of elections, which in council terms will be a year in some areas.

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