#oneaday, Day 73, Twitter Poem

A while back on Twitter I was trying to get myself up to 300 followers, so I announced that I would write a poem for my 300th follower, who ended up being a local councillor from Peterborough – Darren. I think he was expecting it to be a a bit different, as he sent me a link to his girlfriend’s Facebook page for inspiration. Anyway, here it is.

A Poem for @cllrdarrenfower

I thought it must be love

When Darren started following me

A fine man from Peterborough

He was my hundredth follower – times 3

And I promised him a poem

It wasn’t just a bribe

But a thank you for being 300th

Making me feel good inside.

It’s taken bloomin’ ages

To come up with these lines

His love is not for me though

As I shall now describe.

He follows 3500 people

He’s liberal through and through

His first love is for eleven men, who like to play in blue.

If they hadn’t been promoted, I don’t know what he’d do.

His real love is like a priest – in fact it is a Bishop.

A blonde called Jane who does tricks with bottles – or so it seem son Facebook.

So he asked for his poem to be for her – which was really very sweet

He thinks about you all the time – with every single tweet.



Richard Harris, July 2011

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