#oneaday, Day 81, Spa Review

I promised you dear readers a review of my spa day when I blogged about it here.

Well, it was wonderful. I’ve not been to spas outside of Center Parcs, but there is a whole range of different rooms where you can get hot – we t hot, dry hot, smelly hot – and it feels great.

We also got some nice food – although I’m not sure that Aldo Zilli who has his cafe on site would be happy about the use of the microwave that seemed to be employed that day.

As part of the day, my wife and I got a manicure treatment. Now as I said previously, I’d never had one before – but this too was pleasant. Not perhaps for the technician who must of been in fear for her face – I have very ticklish feet – but it was a bit like getting you hair washed at the hairdressers when they did Indian and Thai shampooing – but for your feet. She also managed to get all the hard skin of my wife’s feet – no mean feat I am assured.

So, men of Britain – don’t be afraid of a little pampering – you might even like it.

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