That my friend, is called a pint…

shadows of the cathedral

This week I am back in my home town of Peterborough looking after my mum who recently had an operation on her knee. I’ve still managed to catch up with a few friends too whilst I’ve been here, and last night I went along to A Pint of Poetry & a Dash of Drama – an open mic poetry & drama night that I helped start up over 6 years ago when I still lived here.

I was a little nervous – I hadn’t been to the event for over a year, and not performed anything since then – I hadn’t really written much either, so was hastily scribbling as I sat through the first six performances. However, the mix of styles and confidence levels of the performers soon had me relaxed and enjoying myself as I stepped up to compare the second section of the evening.

Mark stepped back up to do the final section and introduced me to a warm reception, and my work – rusty as it was – seemed to go down well.

I need to get myself creative when I get back home!

Photo by Jon Smith, Licence detail here

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