Eating out

On Sunday we decided to go and get dinner out. So we trotted to the local pub, which had recently been refurbished. They do a carvery all week, and we both opted for it. On a Sunday it is £7.95 a head – cheaper Monday – Saturday. The meat is supplied by an excellent Wiltshire butcher – Walter Rose & Son and a recent refurbishment made the surroundings very pleasant.

However. I’m not sure if it was the heat lamps or something else, but the beef I had was not great (Although in fairness my wife’s lamb was very good). The gravy was also excellent. The potatoes and veg were pretty rubbish.

So my question is this – if that is the best they can do for £7.95, should they? Or should they make things better and charge more? The place was pretty busy, and there did not seem to be many complaints…

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