Not everyday is a bad day… #IBDAwarenessWeek

I’ve had some lovely feedback from my last post about a bad day, so thanks to all those who fed back. Lots of IBD bloggers are posting this week, so do check out the hashtag #IBDAwarenessWeek to find more.

I’ve been reading a few, and wanted to just add a little perspective to my previous post. My really bad days don’t happen often, maybe once every couple of months. Of course, I do have issues like the incontinence and associated pain most of the time, but I am still able to work full time, socialise and enjoy alcohol and eat pretty much whatever I want.

I can’t exercise – the pain, urgency and leakage increase, so I’m looking forward, post surgery in January to being able to exercise. I’m not over weight, but reckon my fitness level is about nil. This will also include running around with my little boy, who will be 6 months when I have my surgery.

Mentally, low level pain is very waring. Physically too. And that means sometimes you are not available for your friends or partner. I was commenting on a thread on #getyourbellyout Facebook group earlier this week. The thread was by a young woman seeking advice because her friends had stopped inviting her out because she had said no for so long. They didn’t understand her condition and the impact it had on her. I’m not sure all of my friends fully understand how my IBD affects me – it is one reason I now blog about it – but I am fortunate that they have always been supportive.

So I guess I see myself as somewhere in the middle. I’m not required to have regular hospital treatment, can work and live a pretty normal life. Things could be better, and what needs to happen is happening. Not such a bad day after all.


This blog post is part of a series I’m writing in the run up to my stoma surgery in January 2015. If you’ve found it interesting, please do share it, and if you can, supported CCUK & the ia by donating at my Virgin Money Giving page

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