I found a bonus to having no colon!

If you get D&V you don’t nasty colon cramps!

So my son started nursery last week, and brought us home a little D&V bug. His lasted 24 hours, my wife’s 24 hours. Mine lasted 24 hours, but as I have no colon, it knocks it out of me more than others – mostly because it is much easier for me to become dehydrated.

The colon absorbs most of the water from our digestive tract, so when you don’t have one you need to drink more. When you then lose water quickly, you have to rehydrate – and when you don’t feel like eating or drinking that is hard!

Anyway, all seems to have cleared up now (for the adults at least, baby was back at nursery today and is looking a bit peaky!) so hopefully it will stay away for the op next week!

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