Twas the night before surgery…

… And in my hospital bay, there was a man snoring all night and all day.

When he isn’t snoring he talks very loudly on the phone. His daughter has an ear infection apparently.

There is also a gentleman who is deaf. I guess that because he can’t hear his own call bell when he has pressed it, he has been banging his bed and shouting to attract attention. At least one member of staff has said to him ‘I’m sorry, I can’t sign’ which must be very frustrating for him.

There are two other post op patients who have been pretty quiet, and me.

The bay is nice and warm however, and there is intermittent 4G internet. Last night I listened to hospital radio after some DJs came round taking requests. I didn’t hear my song, but I did win a goody bag when I won their quiz. So I now have a Radio Northwick Park pen, notepad and promotional leaflet to read, and a pack of cards.

Operation will be this afternoon and the anaesthetist will come round this morning, so I might do one more update before surgery.

You can donate to Crohn’s and Colitis UK and the Ileostomy and Internal pouch Association via http//

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