Wake up sleepy guts!

So I am now nearly a week post op, but am still in hospital. Things were going very well, but my gut has been slow to wake up again and get going (ilieus). This means that the bile and liquid produced by the stomach to do digestion cannot go down, so it wants to go up… After some bouts of vomiting about 20 hours apart I had a naso-gastric (NG) tube inserted (not nice) on Sunday evening and we are now waiting for the gut to awake!

It is frustrating to be honest. I’ve been on sips of water only (increasing a bit more today) and I’ve not eaten food since Sunday, and then not much. It really is just a waiting game.

I also now look like the beginning of a zombie movie.

1 thought on “Wake up sleepy guts!

  1. Lots POF prop to you for posting this pic of you with the NG tube! I wouldn’t even let my closest friends visit me in the hospital because of it- 1) because of how I looked, 2) because it caused so much throat irriatation, 3) bc I asked for pain meds so it would make my throat tolerable and made me sleepy. Wishing you the best and health and happiness!

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