Still here

Hello everyone. It’s Monday tea time and I’m still in hospital. On Friday the plan had been to send me home on Sunday, however the duty doctor was unhappy with my still too high output (2.5 litres on Saturday, 1.5 each day since) and wanted more blood tests. Whilst the electrolytes are now fine, yesterday my white blood count was slightly elevated and I had a slight temperature, so when my team returned today it soon became apparent I was not going home today!

Try arranged for a CT scan of my abdomen to check for any collections of infection. This has come back negative, however whilst the stoma nurse was with me we discovered a little collection above the stoma which oozed when squeezed. The current thinking seems to be that there was a small haematoma (clot) from th e surgery behind the stoma which has now got a bot of infection and needs to drain away. I’ve also been given antibiotics.

Whilst it is disappointing to not be going home AGAIN I know that I am in the best place. I had the CT scan within about 2 hours of ir being requested, if I had been discharged that could of taken a lot longer. I am really missing my wife and little boy (although I get regular photos and loudspeaker phone calls). Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

In other news, the donations are coming in! You can donate via my Virgin Money Giving page to the ileostomy and internal pouch support group and Crohn’s and. Colitis UK at

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