Four weeks post op!


So I am now four weeks post op. My scar has healed really well as you can see, and my stoma is mostly behaving itself. Since the first leak, I have had one subsequent – although thankfully I was already sitting on the toilet when it happened. It was one of the new Coloplast Sensura Mio bags that I was trialling, but I think there was an element of user error too. When a stoma is newly formed, it changes size and shape for about the first six weeks, so you have to keep re-measuring before you cut your bags, and I think I had cut wrongly. I’m also pretty sure that the kale and beetroot salad didn’t help!

Today I also had a slight issue when I went to collect a prescription. Stoma appliances (bags) are usually supplied by a home delivery company – they include some freebies such as disposal bags and wipes to aid the changing process. You can get your prescription from any pharmacy, but you don’t get the extras. My surgery, having received the request from the delivery company had sent the prescription for the bags to my usual pharmacy who had got them in. Only a slight problem, but frustrating none the less. Phone call to the delivery company and a follow up required with the surgery.

I’m having an MRI scan today to check that I don’t have an abscess forming. It’s amazing when you are recovering how one thing can suddenly make you feel so busy!

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