A sudden flurry of activity

Well today was a busy day, both with work (OfSTED are coming!) and also with medical stuff! I had a GP appointment to review my test results and unsurprisingly my inflammatory markers were all raised. Also raised was my Faecal calprotectin – which surprised me as my stool does not pass through the inflamed bit (or so I though) – but I’m not sure of that makes a difference. So a referral to rheumatology was made, and some extra pain killers and steroids prescribed.

I’d also tried again to reach the hospital, and spoke to really helpful and sympathetic consultant’s secretary, who undertook to speak with a consultant and get back to me.

When I got back from the GP, there was a letter from the hospital with an appointment for the IBD clinic at the end of July. The secretary then rang back, and said that the consultant wants to see me sooner, so in the morning I’m off to the surgical assessment unit – I’ll keep you updated.

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