I did not know the bottom of your feet could ache…

Apologies I didn’t an update after my trip to the surgical assessment unit – not much happened, other than confirming what we knew (joint inflamation) and so further tests (MRI) and checking appointments, and confirming that I need to see a rheumatologist.

Well, in the last few week lots has happened. I had the MRI a while back so had my IBD clinic appointment. The scan unfortunatly showed that the sepsis behind the pouch has returned. There are currently no clear symptoms of this (pain etc) but it does mean ther pouch excision procedure is now a when rather than an if. There is no urgency, but the excision op is a big one, with some relatively high risks, and a fairly lengthy recovery. Add in the complication of my fistula too, and it will need to be carefully timed.

I also saw a rheumatologist (at a different hospital, just to add a furthr layer of complexity) and was prescribed Methotrexate – I will continue with the prednisilone for a nother motnh until it (hopefully) kicks in.

The arthritis could be caused by inflammation associated with my ulcerative colitis, or possibly by the sepsis – either way my body, not content with kicking my guts is now working at my joints./ At this stage it is unclear if the surgery will resolve the joint pain – but I have to hope!

So, treatment in place, a few set backs, but trying to remain positive.

Ooo, this is what my ankle (the most obviously swollen joint) was like this morning!

Spot the difference...

Spot the difference…

2 thoughts on “I did not know the bottom of your feet could ache…

  1. I am sorry to hear about your joint pain. Ulcerative Colitis is a terrible beast! It seems so unfair that symptoms aren’t isolated to just bowel issues. My colitis definitely takes a toll on my joints. I wish I had a remedy to help your swelling, but unfortunately the only thing I can say is, “Stay Strong”and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you healing energy!

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