The time has come…

So yesterday my 2015 blogging stats arrived – You can see them here. It turns out I’ve not done a post since July. As this blog is mostly about my health, then you could say that no news is good news, and you’d be mostly right – check out that grin!

The Methotrexate worked really well on the joint pain, and all was well. I started a new job in August, but at the end of September my old friend the abscess recurred. I had a long course of antibiotics and it all went away. Around that time, I was also having lots of leaks, but with the help of the excellent BRI stoma nurses got sorted with some additional kit to keep my poo off my pants.

Sadly, at the end of October the abscess was back, and the antibiotics didn’t work. I was admitted to the BRI and the abscess was drained and my seton stitch changed to a different type – less wicking thread, more elastic band. I was discharged, but ended up back a few days later for more antibiotics. I had a really interesting encounter which was professionally inspiring whilst I was there too – but that is for another post.

So, following my second discharge and a review meeting with my consultant, it was agreed that this was not sustainable, and the sepsis needed to come out – and that means goodbye pouch, and goodbye arse hole. All to happen in the new year, and both consultant surgeons required.

A review with the rheumatoligist reduced my methotrexate doseage (it can make you more susceptable to infections) and then at the beginning of December a phone call from the BRI to arrange pre-op assessment, with a provisional date of 6th January. Cue changes to Christmas  travel arrangements to accomodate pre-op assessment and lots of running around at work to get cover sorted and . Also a conversation about possible fertility issues  – there is a small risk of damage to some pelvic nerves.

Just a few days before leaving work for Christmas, the op was pushed back to the end of January which took pressure off a bit, so we’ve been enjoying Christmas together (although it is a bit wet today). I’ve been building Jonah’s toys, and getting in the odd bit of Rainbow 6 Siege (possibly the hardest Rainbow game ever BTW).

So I shall have plenty to blog about in the coming weeks, expect hospital photos, wound shots and lots of bottom based puns!


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