What does recovery look like?

So I was, very encouragingly, discharged yesterday a whole 2 days earlier than first planned. Basically all the hospital were doing were keeping an eye on me and feeding me, all IV drugs have stopped, all tubes were out so I was good to go. I think it is fair to say that the BRI were  just coming out of a Code Black bed crisis, but I felt under no pressure to leave and was happy to get home! So stocked up (eventually) with pain killers, recovery drinks and letters and sick note it was home in time to see the baby in the bath and get some proper food.

So today I am 6 days post op, but have been told that I won’t retun to work for at least 6 weeks. What goes in in between?


Well the biggest reason is the laperotomy that I had – a mid-line incision to get into my abdomen – which whilst not the largest I have ever had, is still about 7 inches long and held together with 21 metal clips which will need to come out from Monday.

These muscles will take 6 weeks to knit back together so I can lift, carry and perform an emergency stop in the car. On the right is the wound drain scar, which seems to be ozing a little and might need a bit of attention (taking #getyourbellyout selfies serves a purpose!)


Three in total, the clipped laperotomy at the front and the wound drain and then the stitched wound formerly known as my arse hole! All of these need to heal.

Rest vs Exercise

I spent most of today asleep. And sleep is a high priority to help the body heal. However you need to keep the body moving, so daily walks (which I failed on today) will be needed. Today I was knackered after breakfast a shower and getting dressed,stayed up for lunch and then slept for four hours! It is definatly a case of taking each day as it comes.

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