A small set back…

So there has been a minor set back with my recovery and I am back in hospital.

On Friday I noticed that my stoma output was slowing down, so stopped taking my Loperamide and tried to cut back on the opoid pain killers. This continued through Saturday with the addition of abdominal pain which was cramping, so at about 23:45 I called the NHS 111 service and sat up waiting for a call back. When I’d not heard back by 2am, and things getting worse, I decided it was time to got to A&E.

As we got into the car 111 called, we did the assessment and agreed A&E was the place to go. So we rocked up at about 2:15am. A&E is an interesting place on a Saturday night, a good mix of the ill and the drunk, plus the concerned friends spreading the word on Facebook and riling up boyfriends.

I’m not going to lie, there was a bit of a wait. I was then seen about 4am, and taken through. They agreed with my thinking – that I had a partial small bowel obstruction – and so the plan was fluids, painkillers and anti sickness. Whilst we were waiting for that, I was sick which was probably for the best.

It was agreed that I would be admitted to the surgical assessment unit, who had a bed going, but would need an X-Ray first. There was then a short delay for a power cut and getting a porter out of a lift, and so I made it the ward about 7.30.

After doing the admission survey about my will and being tagged, I then slept for most of Sunday! Had a visit from my mother and wife in the late afternoon, and a little emotional moment knowing that baby Jonah was downstairs but I couldn’t go down to see him. To be fair there was a family room available on the ward, but we decided not to bring him up, and I was pretty tired by then anyway. I did Skype him a bit later on which was nice.

So more sleep, and today (Monday) things seem to be going in the right direction. Stoma is more active (although not fully) and I am now allowed to eat and drink a bit. If I am sick again, then I’ll need an NG tube which I’d like to avoid if I can! Now waiting for my consultant to be informed I am here, and may then be transferred back to his care.

Will either write, or find and share, a post about bowel obstructions and ileostomies for you all!

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