There’s a hole in my buttock…

I wanted to up date you since my last post as it got a few people worried, and lots of offers of help and support for which I am grateful. It is very difficult to know what I need help with, but it is still appreciated and I Will discuss it with my wife and see what can be done.

Since Wednesday my bottom has been examined by a number of different nurses. With varying reactions. One described the cavity as ‘the biggest I’ve seen in the community.’ Which I am taking as a compliment. When probed, it was found to be about 7cms, which when you consider what was taken out in January sounds about right – but I’d hope that a bit more healing had taken place.

We’ve been experimenting with various different dressings to hold the gel in place whilst absorbing the huge amount of  exudate as the new tissue grows, and I think now, Sunday, we have got the combination right (hopefully). So that bit is all going well.

Something slightly more challenging has been the stronger painkillers. To say they have wiped me out is an understatement. I’ve been napping for up to 3 hours everyday, going to bed by 9.30 and not waking until after 7. However, in my experience our bodies tell us what they need, so if that is what has to happen then so be it. Will have to see in Tuesday what this means for going back to work…

Hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend.

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