Some thoughts about my writing

I can foresee with the current political turmoil that I will be posting more about politics and protest. My post on the EU Referendum was the most read post on the blog ever, and it has only been up a few days. However, these thoughts are relevent to all my writing, be it about IBD or my poetry.

I am a white, straight, cisgender male. Although I consider myself to have a disability, it is an invisible disability arising from an invisible illness (Ulcerative Colitis). I am still able to work full-time (usually).

My childhood was very comfortable, and featured foreign holidays, fresh vegetables and early access to the internet in a warm and loving home.

It is therefore, as someone who has not experienced discrimination, easy to assume things that would be easy for me to do are easy for others. That speaking up is not a problem, and that I will be heard. Even that there are things I need to speak up about from my position of privilege.

I strive to be an ally. And I will try to keep my privilege in check – but please call me out if you need to.

In the words of Jo Cox MP –

‘We Are Far More United Than The Things That Divide Us’

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