The longest dressing change ever…

So today I had my dressing changed. It took nearly 3 hours. No one reason, but a combination of factors. It also hurt…

First, removing the clear drape. It’s a vacuum dressing, it needs a good seal. So it is really sticky. The nurse then decided that shaving would be a good idea, so it came off more easily next time…

Then we waited for the medical photographer – it is a new dressing and they wanted to document it, as well as evidence of progress. He came, then the nurse had gone to do something else.

Removing the sponge was the worst part. It had bonded to the new tissue, and dried out whilst we waited.

The rep then had to talk the nurse through each step of applying the new dressing. First the area around the wound is draped, then the sponge is shaped and inserted into the wound, then the sponge is covered with more drape and then the valve bit is applied.

The whole thing is then reattached to the new saline and tank and the seal is tested – a bit like being groped – and saline added so the sponge is mosit, but not too wet. That took a few goes.

Anyway, then it was done. Hopefully it will be quicker on Monday. I then got to see my son open some of his birthday presents and had a lovely cuddle from him. Then I had some oramorph and a pork chop.

Swings and roundabouts really.

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