DofE Diamond Challenge Update

A little while ago I told you about the DofE Diamond Challenge that I have signed up for. Events have disrupted my time table some what, so I now present the challenge options – which should I do?

The challenge needs to be completed by the en dof December, and will be used as an awareness raising/ fundraising event fo rthe Duke of Edinburgh Aeward scheme’s 60th anniversary.

  1. Eating Challenge – suggested by uni friend Laura of Wholeheartedly Healthy

Laura got in touch via Snapchat and suggested something – but the Snap has gone – sorry Laura! I think it was cutting out something bad – fizzy drinks would be very tricky for me! I can’t imagine she would suggest a Man vs Food style challenge, so we’ll go for being fizzy free for 60 days!

2. Expedition Challenge

This one was suggested by my wife. She reckons I should walk the White Horse Trail in Wiltshire. It’s a jolly 90 mile trek which I’d probably have to tackle in sections, but might take a few days off work and do it one. I’d need to dust off my walking boots from previous adventures, and might need some new kit if I decide to camp out.

3. Running Challenge

I’m not talking marathons here. Given that my current running level is 0, I think I should aim for 60km – which would be 12 ParkRuns (I have registered but never taken part!). Now I had intended to start running as part of a bid to return to fitness, but hopefully you don’t think that this would apply!

So, should I:

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