A busy week ahead

So I’ve just got back from a long weekend in the Cotswolds with some friends. It was nice, of not slightly washed out on Saturday which wiuth a two year old makes things a bit more challenging. I wasn’t able to use the hot tub (who knew they were not a great place for open wounds?) and I had a collosal bag leak at 4am this morning resulting in bed changing – I think it was a combination of beer, gin and too much Tzatiki…

Anyway, I am a dressing change first thing, then on Thursday night it is the first #IBDHour – I’ve done up some Hints, Tips & Advice for that is your coming along to take part! I’ve got  a few last things to prep, but I’m hoping it goes well – some of the big names in the IBD world have jumped on the RTing band wagon!

Last week I joined in with the latest #GetYourBellyOut picture sharing, and was really touched when people donated, and even got a few people doing there own belly selfies!

And finally, the voting stage has opened in the wego Health Activist Awards – you might remember me talking about my nomination a little while back. I am nominated in the ‘Best Kept Secret’ category, and would love it if you could endorse me (which means vote) – the top three endorsed nominees get through the the final, and it is going to be tough, but who knows – you have to start somewhere!

I hope you all have a great week, and maybe chat to some of you on Thursday at #IBDHour!

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