Wound News – October Edition

Well I never thought I would be writing this post.

To recap, my surgery was at the end of January – a major operation to remove my failed internal pouch, rectum and anus. There were two wounds – the big stapled one at the firnt and the smaller one at th eback. This initialy healed well, then broke down and got really painful, and I ended up back in hospital in July for vac therapy for a week.

The vac therapy was syccessful in awakening the wound and remonding it had to heal – but it was still pretty big (about 7 coms deep). Since then it has been variously packed, had a gel treatment and is now being packed agin, We have got down to every other day, but it is still going on, And on. And on.

It isn’t painful which is good. It is still a bit leaky, and I have had to go back to the big inco pads in order to save on laundry. I’ve gone back to work full time, but it is really frustrating. The nurses at my practice, who have all had to endure far more of my bottom than should really be asked of them, have been great, and a few blips aside the bits of the NHS are now all working together. It is however taking much longer than I was prepared for.

As ever I am trying to be positive, but this week we are going on holiday as a family, and I had really been looking forward, this year, to be being able to swim with my little boy. He loves swimming, and his whole face lights up in the water. And I’m not going to be able to. Which means his mum is going to have to do it all. Again.

And I know it’s not forever, that it is getting better each day. It is frustrating to not be able to exercise, to still be wearing pads, to need shares in Parazone toilet wipes and be taking so many appointments at my local practice – all whilst returning to full time work and trying to parent and live life to the best of my ability.

Being realistic, I think this could still be goign on In November, hopefully be done an ddusted by Christmas. So watch out for more Wound News – but lets hope there isn’t too much more of it.

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