My writing process – #HAWMC Day 2

My writing is pretty sporadic. One of the weird things about blogging about your health is that when you are ill and have interesting stuff to write about – you might well not be up to doing it. When you are well and could write – you don’t have much interesting stuff to say!
I am definitely a when I get inspiration style writer (rather than having time each week for example) and if a post has really captured my imagination I tend to just bash it out and publish – if I don’t get it done it tends to stay in drafts (I’ve got one post I am really struggling to finish at the moment!)
I like to include links in my posts to direct readers to information or resources they might find useful, and that sometimes takes time. I’m also trying to get better at adding photos to my posts, just to liven them up a bit!
Let me know which of my posts you’ve enjoyed by commenting below, or what you’d like more of!

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