Yahoo Answers Post – #HAWMC Day 10

Yahoo Answers Post – Pretend you are writing a
question about your condition – it can be as silly or
humorous as you want. Now answer it.
(Remember: Your answer can be just as silly)

So I wasn’t familiar with Yahoo Answers. I’ve had a look, and I don’t think I’ll be a regular visitor.

It seems to be one of the places you can get some really bad information. There is loads of really bad information about IBD out there – people suggesting cures (there is no cure) or insisting that a diet can relive all your symptoms (some people have some success some of the time – but it is not universal).

I don’t have the energy tonight to create humourous answers to a false question I’m afraid – but always consult your medical team and don’t really on the wisdom of the internet!



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