Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a while. the run into Christmas got me all wrapped up (boom boom) and then over Christmas we passed the stomach bug around (what are families for eh?) so I never got to finish my IBD Story in december – I’ll try and get around to it.

So I started back at work today which was Ok – lots of email! #IBDHour is in a couple of weeks, and I hope to be able to make an announcement about that soon. I also want to redesign the blog…

My wound from the surgery in January still hasn’t healed – we are now 11 months on. I saw my surgeon last week and he is going to refer me to a plastic surgeon to take a look and see if something can be done.

This year I’m trying to reduce my intake of fizzy drinks, and I will try and blog more often – but life sometimes gets in the way.

Have a great year everyone!

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