The Future of #IBDHour

I have been giving some thought to the future of #IBDHour which started way back in September 2016. It has got less regular, particularly since the arrival of baby Harris number 2.

When I started it it was the first UK based IBD Twitter chat, using the Twitter Hour format. We’ve had some great guest hosts and a range of topics.

I have tried to recruit a few volunteers to support it, but haven’t been able to secure regular support which is fine, and one of the hazards of chronic illness based activities.

I’m not able to sustain in it’s current format and regularity, so for now it is resting.

There are now a number of other Twitter based chats, including those hosted by The Bottom Line and Pelican Healthcare.

What I’d really like to do is a podcast, but that will need to wait until the baby is a bit bigger (and I learn how to podcast…)

Thanks for all the support over the life of #IBDHour – and keep an eye out for occasional specials!

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