#IBD Hour – Tips, Hints and Advice

#IBDHour is a Twitter hour, so you will need a Twitter account that is set to tweet publically so everyone can see your tweets when you use the hashtag. For more information see this Twitter FAQ

The questions will be Tweeted from the @IBDHour account – so you should follow it. Questions will be preceeded by a Q and every tweet will have the #IBDHour

e.g. Q1 What’s your name and where do you come from? #IBDHour

And you would then Tweet

A1 I’m Richard, 35 living near Bristol #IBDHour

Follow the hashtag to see everyone’s responses! There are various ways to do that, I find that TweetDeck is great as you can set up a column for it. It is free to use and no longer requires a download.

A Twitter hour is not a substitute for medical advice from your own GP/ IBD Nurse or consultant – so please seek that advice if you need to.

Finally, remember that this is the internet – so what you put out stays out, so do consider how much information you want to share.