The rise of online

There are now many, many things we can do online. I order my ostomy supplies online. I make my GP appointments and request repeat prescriptions online. Our gas and electricity is supplied by a company that is online only. I interact with other IBD suffers (many of whom I have never met) via Facebook and the ia forum.

I am able to read the opinions and stories of other IBD sufferers via their blogs, or see there tweets and Instagram posts. And all of that is great.

If we stick with the UK for a moment, there are however a number of groups of people who can’t access the online world in the same way as me. Those living in rural areas for example who don’t have sufficient speed. And some older people (and I’m really not sure here what would count as older) are less confident or competent online. It is now not unheard of for websites to crash – Adele tickets anyone? – due to high demand, leaving the people on the phone very little chance of getting through.

And recently, it is not just websites that replace shops, but online clubs – a subscription service that makes a regular delivery – now seem to be on the rise. I myself have two current subscriptions – the following links will take you to the sites via my ‘recommend a friend’ links. The first is with Cornerstone for shaving supplies – I’ve been using them since November and am very pleased with the shave – and the second is with Flavourly for a monthly box of craft beer. I had a gift of a spicebox subscription for my birthday from the Spicery.


I also recently tried out after a friend recommended it – they deliver chilled meats and other high protein products. Because I am a bit of a social media floozy and I started liking these companies on various streams, I then started getting recommendations for other, similar sites. I have seen at least one other shaving club, several beer clubs and another protein/ meat website.

This is on top of gin, cheese, chocolate and charcuterie clubs. As a business model, I guess  it makes sense – cheap premises, easy access (via the net) for your customers. And so far I have not been disappointed. IT does mean that our high street is having to change – if you can order everything online, why would you leave your house? It is a little scary, exciting and – when my mobility was limited post operatively – very useful.

Is there anything you wouldn’t buy online?



#oneaday Day 53, Beer

I like beer. And I mean real ale when I say that. I am a member of CAMRA and everything.

Last night in my local I got chatting to a fellow beer lover. We slagged off people who drink Fosters. And we actually had a full conversation about the beer on offer in that pub and others. And I really enjoyed that conversation!

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, here are my beer reviews of my holiday beers so far.

Pub 1 – Charters, Peterborough

Harvest Pale – the Champion Beer of Britain for 2010. I have had it better elsewhere, so scored it 7/10

Oakham Inferno – one of my favourites. 8/10

Pub 2 – East Restaurant

Oakham JHB (bottle) – better draught, but still a strong 8/10

Pub 3 – Fox & Hounds

Clark’s Classic Blonde – 6/10

Courage Best – 7/10