What are you wearing?

On Friday I put on a shirt. This in and of itself is not that unusual. It was, like many of my clothes, something I’ve had for a while. I tend to keep my clothes until they are falling apart, much to the horror of my niece.

As I slipped this shirt on I noticed there was a lot of room in it. Now, it is is an extra large, and I tried to remember why I had bought XL. It could have been all that was left, or in the sale. It could of been that I needed it for the length (I’m 6’2″ and mostly body rather than leg). Or was it that I went oversized because of my bag?

Now on this occassion I really can’t remember which it was, but it did make me think about my general approach to buying clothes, and there has been a definate pattern of going slightly bigger than needed up top. So I guess I must be more body concious than I realised- or at least have been. So as I approach being healed and ready to start exercising again, next time I buy some new clohes, perhaps a slightly tihter fit is required…