#oneaday, Day 42, Egypt

A bit late with this one, but well done to the Egyptians.

As I started this post ages ago, other countries have been following suit – Bahrain, Libya, Morocco and more. These have had various levels of state violence and army involvement.

Various commentators have said things along the line of ‘I hope Cameron & Clegg are watching’ and I am sure that they are. I can’t envisage us having similar levels of protest on the streets of the UK and forcing a change in Government, but the messages the people are sending to those in power are strong. A number of U-Turns in policy have happened already, with accompanying behind the scenes shuffles, so it appears that continued pressure by the public can have an effect.

With that in mind, a shameless plug for the March for the Alternative on 26th March in London. Organised by the TUC this event is not just for trade unionists, but for anyone who believes that these cuts are to deep, too soon or just plain wrong. Free transport is being organised by trade unions so communities can attend.

Everyone is affected by these cuts – we are all in this together after all – so if you want to make your voice heard come along to London and let the government know your not happy. Nobody voted for cuts this severe.