DofE Diamond Challenge Update

A little while ago I told you about the DofE Diamond Challenge that I have signed up for. Events have disrupted my time table some what, so I now present the challenge options – which should I do?

The challenge needs to be completed by the en dof December, and will be used as an awareness raising/ fundraising event fo rthe Duke of Edinburgh Aeward scheme’s 60th anniversary.

  1. Eating Challenge – suggested by uni friend Laura of Wholeheartedly Healthy

Laura got in touch via Snapchat and suggested something – but the Snap has gone – sorry Laura! I think it was cutting out something bad – fizzy drinks would be very tricky for me! I can’t imagine she would suggest a Man vs Food style challenge, so we’ll go for being fizzy free for 60 days!

2. Expedition Challenge

This one was suggested by my wife. She reckons I should walk the White Horse Trail in Wiltshire. It’s a jolly 90 mile trek which I’d probably have to tackle in sections, but might take a few days off work and do it one. I’d need to dust off my walking boots from previous adventures, and might need some new kit if I decide to camp out.

3. Running Challenge

I’m not talking marathons here. Given that my current running level is 0, I think I should aim for 60km – which would be 12 ParkRuns (I have registered but never taken part!). Now I had intended to start running as part of a bid to return to fitness, but hopefully you don’t think that this would apply!

So, should I:

Challenge Me!

Just before I went back to work, I signed up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Diamond Challenge. This year marks 60 years of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and as former participant and gold award holder, as well as a former leader and manager for the award scheme it was something I wanted to get involved in.

D of E Presentation.jpg

At my Gold award presentation at St James’s Palace, shortly after my colectomy in 2005

I have some fond memories of my D of E experiences, from volunteering in a residential home for my bronze award, to learning to play guitar and improving my public speaking. The most high-profile element of the award is the expedition, and from trekking around Rutland water to the wild country of Derbyshire & Mid Wales and camping in the wrong place having come off the peaks in the fog. I am still in contact with some of the people I took part int he award in, and I believe in it as a way of developing as a person for young people. It’s not perfect, and issues around accessibility need to be improved – but then nothing is.

So what is the Diamond Challenge? Well, it can be any personal challenge. I have a former colleague who is doing a trek in the Scottish Highlands, someone else is giving stand up comedy a go. Money raised from these challenges will go towards making the award more accessible to young people across the UK.

In my current uncreative and unimaginative state from the pain killers I’m on, I am appealing for ideas for a challenge. It needs to be completed by 31st December, and realisitically as I am not allowed to start any real exercise until the end of July, a demanding physical challenge may be ambitious – I could probably manage a day walking if that tickles your fancy!

So my plan is to appeal for ideas from now – you can leave a message on th eblog, tweet me, comment on Facebook or send me a message in Snapchat or Instagram – @doobarz for the social media – then I’ll have a poll of the ideas in July and announce my chosen challenge around my birthday!

Get thinking!