#oneaday, Day 49, Coming home

So recently I’ve travelled home from Wiltshire to Peterborough a few times. Sadly my grandfather passed away, so I came home the day that happened, then fro my fathers birthday and grandfathers funeral, and then again yesterday for a weeks holiday. I’ve seen more of the M25 than I care too, but actually the journey itself has not been too bad. It has reminded me how much driving can take it out of you though, been tired from all the journeys.

A few notes from my travels:

1) My word petrol has got expensive. believe the hype! Also – don’t use motorway services to fill up EVER

2) You cannot get anything of nutritional value at services

3) Services generally are over priced

4) Red Bull really does keep you awake

#oneaday, Day 28, Similarities in driving

This weekend I journeyed to that there London for a friends birthday drinks. The event was held at the Phoenix Artists Club, a charming little bar in the west end of London. Due to train tickets being stupidly complicated and it working out very expensive for me & Dr Otherhalf to travel by train, I decided to drive into London!

Not to the venue itself – that would just be crazy – but to a friends flat in Kilburn. And it turned out to be a fairly simple drive, straight off the M4 and follow the Tom Tom. And I noticed something once we came off the M4.

Since moving to Wiltshire in July, I have noticed that getting about is a slow process. In Peterborough, we have a fantastic parkway network, which means you can get anywhere swiftly, on a dual carriageway. Super. Not in Wiltshire. Windy, single lane roads. With tractors. Many tractors. I first noticed this when i came to my first mileage claim for work. I had done a round trip to Salisbury from my office, it took an hour each way. 21 miles. I had to double check. Surely I had not only gone 21 miles in an hour? I mean I don’t drive like a maniac, but I get where I am going.

Now, once we got off the M4 into London we had about 7 miles to go. ETA – 30 minutes. So, if you want that London driving experience – come to Wiltshire.