First Father’s Day!

Today is Father’s Day in the UK (and I think the US too). It is my first Father’s Day, and it has been really nice to do not too much and spend time with Jonah and Donna, which mostly involves chasing him around the floor and telling him not to bite you. 11 months is a wonderful age!

The morning started with a call to the out of hours GP for more Prednisilone – the course I had finished on Friday and last night the joint pain was coming back. Seeing my GP tomorrow for a longer term plan. Lunch at Pizza Hut and a cool T Shirt and card from Jonah, Skype call to grandad as well.

This evening Donna has gone off to a work meeting that starts early tomorrow, so I’ve put Jonah to bed and am sitting in and re-reading all the comments from the last blog post a few days ago. Most of the comments came via Facebook, and many people expressed concern about my comments about alcohol, and my use of it when I was feeling down. I’d like to reassure everyone that what counted for me as a big increase still kept me within recommended limits, though I take the point about using alcohoil as a crutch and the mix of steroid and booze perhaps not being great! As a result, as I sit alone tonight I’m sipping Vimto (with nothing cheeky about it).

If you are worried about your, or someone else’s drinking, there is information available from the NHS and Alcohol Concern online.


I’m telling my Stoma Story to raise awareness, and also to raise money for CCUk & the ia. You can donate via my Virgin Money Giving page –