Quote Me Happy – #HAWMC Day 3


This quote – which I suppose is more of an inscription comes from The Discworld series of books by the late Sir Terry Pratchett. I recommend them to you.

Specifically, these words are used by Granny Weatherwax on a sign when she is ‘borrowing ‘- sending her mind into that of an animal – leaving her body lifeless and so as to avoid any unfortunate funerals.

I was already a fan of the Discworld novels when I had my first hospital admission for ulcerative colitis and my friend made a sign to hang on my hospital bed stating quite clearly that ‘I ATE’NT DEAD’.

For those who don’t know – on this visit I nearly was dead. It still feels weird to say it. My colon was so distended it was close to bursting, and after the operation to remove it I developed septicaemia and needed a further operation.

And so when things are tough it is that quote that I think about. I’m still here, fighting, living.

#oneaday, Day 26, Running Behind

So I am currently 3 days behind with my blog. Work has been very busy, but inspiration is lacking.

To this end, I have registered for Formspring, so you my readers can ask me stuff, which I can then blog about.

Inspiration for this came from this post by #oneaday top dog Pete Davison.

So go here – http://formspring.me/doobarz and do that.