#oneaday, Day 33, Nice, but not amazing

Yesterday I went for lunch for my mothers birthday at the Lambert Arms. This venue was picked because a) it is about half way between Peterborough & Chippenham and b) came up on a quick Google search when I was looking for a possible venue.

It seemed to fit the bill, looked nice and was in the Michelin guide in 2010. So we went, had lunch and it was good. I would however, suggest to the proprietors a few ways top make it even better….

1) Make sure staff know what is going on. There was a wedding going on, and when . When we arrived it was quite hectic. The Lambert offers accommodation, and people were checking in at reception. We walked up to what appeared to be the entrance to the restaurant area. ‘Can I help you?’ said a stressed looking woman. ‘We have a reservation.’ I said.’ Oh you need to go to reception and see them there.’ Needless to say one man’s reservation in the restaurant for lunch is a stressed waitresses people without luggage checking in.

2) Put the heating on. We were in the restaurant. It was cold. Simple one really.

3) Make sure staff know the food. Our waitress was a young girl, maybe just with a Saturday job, but it got grating that she had to go and ask in the kitchen a lot.

4) Do better pastry. My game pie, filling wise, was lovely, if not a bit peppery. The pastry was like cardboard. And I like a pie top have pastry all the way round – this was a stew with a lid.

Like I say, little things. Could make it a wonderful place.