#oneaday, Day 28, Similarities in driving

This weekend I journeyed to that there London for a friends birthday drinks. The event was held at the Phoenix Artists Club, a charming little bar in the west end of London. Due to train tickets being stupidly complicated and it working out very expensive for me & Dr Otherhalf to travel by train, I decided to drive into London!

Not to the venue itself – that would just be crazy – but to a friends flat in Kilburn. And it turned out to be a fairly simple drive, straight off the M4 and follow the Tom Tom. And I noticed something once we came off the M4.

Since moving to Wiltshire in July, I have noticed that getting about is a slow process. In Peterborough, we have a fantastic parkway network, which means you can get anywhere swiftly, on a dual carriageway. Super. Not in Wiltshire. Windy, single lane roads. With tractors. Many tractors. I first noticed this when i came to my first mileage claim for work. I had done a round trip to Salisbury from my office, it took an hour each way. 21 miles. I had to double check. Surely I had not only gone 21 miles in an hour? I mean I don’t drive like a maniac, but I get where I am going.

Now, once we got off the M4 into London we had about 7 miles to go. ETA – 30 minutes. So, if you want that London driving experience – come to Wiltshire.