Four weeks on…

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts. It’s been for a number of reasons – my parents have been staying with us to help out with the two and a half stone baby I’m not allowed to lift for another fortnight amd have been very good at encouraging me to do things and get out and about.

I’ve been pretty tired, which is a main stay of recovery really and sleeping a fair bit, and early bed too.

Mostly though it’s because things have been going really well and I don’t have much to say! The partial small bowel obstruction resolved itself without any major intervention, although I had to stay in hospital a week (longer than my admission for surgery!) whilst we got the stoma output back under control. I’ve had one trip back to the hospital since discharge because the bottom wound was a bit leaky, but this was swabbed and deemed to be tissue fluid only leaking from the fistula. I have a follow up on Tuesday with the consultant but all seems to be going OK. I’ve got my appetite back and have put a bit if weight on which is good.

Before I went in my wife asked friends to write me letters which was really great. I’ve really enjoyed reading them and have now replied to about two thirds. She also wrote me a whole load of little letters with little photos and cartoons in to make me feel better, plus a colouring book and an Aston Martin driving experience (I think she thinks I look like Daniel Craig).

Of all the things that aid recovery – sleep, quality food, gentle exercise – the love and support of my wife, son, parents, family and friends is a really positive force, and I am very fortunate to have them in my life. I see on various forums and Facebook groups people who don’t have the support and understanding, and really feel for them. So thank you to them/ you.

I shall leave you with a photo of my new hair cut – it was long overdue and the hair sweeper in the barbers earned his money.


#oneaday, Day 72, Spring Clean

This morning my wife and I* decided that we would tidy the house. We have a couple of busy weekends ahead, including my 30th birthday house party, so needed to get ahead of the game a little. Apparently.

Anyway, she reckoned that if we got going, it would only take us three hours max. We started about 10.30am, and finished at about 8pm. The house however, does look pretty damn good. Book cases have been tidied, and we have a bag of stuff to flog on eBay – which will merit future blog posts I’m sure, as I have never sold on eBay before.It also made me realise a few things:

1) We live in an area where the water is so hard, other compounds are scared. And as such the screen in our shower was nasty. And when I finished cleaning it with suitable chemicals (may not have been suitable) smelt like a swimming pool plant room.

2) Laminate floors look lovely, but don’t half show the dust.

3) If I sorted out my mail as it arrived, I would be much more popular in this house.

So, for those of you coming over for my birthday, assuming we don’t make a big mess between now and then, please say something nice about the house.

*my wife