#oneaday, Day 35, What is news?

The news that broke last night of Amanda Holden miscarrying after 7 months is very sad. It must be a very trying time for her and her family. And as Dr Adam Kay tweeted earlier, thoughts also to the medical staff who had to break the news to her.

My only question is should it have been on thee BBC News front page? Is Amanda Holden such an important figure in the UK to merit this.

The answer, obviously, is yes. It’s just that I don’t think so.

Lets hope the media give her some space and time.

#oneaday, Day 22, My home town is famous

So it seems a story carried in my home town local paper, The Peterborough Evening Telegraph has created quite a stir. The story last week told of how the mayor went to borrow a 3D film from Blockbuster to watch on his new 3D TV, and was refused for hygiene reasons – they can’t reuse the 3D specs. This was picked up by Jeremy Clarkson in The Sun, The Sunday Times and even Perez Hilton.

It’s nice to see that the city is promoting itself in a good light. Cathedral – no. Recycling rates – no. Mayor refused DVD rental – yep.

Still, at least the ET got a second story out of it…